IT guy to Business Analyst

Hi all, I graduated as an Engineer last year & am working as a software developer in an MNC. Well, my problem is within months of working i have become totally disillusioned by this job. I hate writing lines of code. Well, i would rather have myself talking to a group of people rather than letting my fingers talk to a Computer. I have always been interested in finance & have got pretty good analytical skills( this is what i feel). I would really like to work as a Business Analyst. The whos who in my firm say that i wil be allowed to shift to a Business Analyst role only after 24 months of experience, that would mean i will have to still write these crap lines of codes for a minimum of 12 more months ( & believe me 1 more month of writing codes & i will start banging my head against my monitor). I know an MBA would help me out but due to some personal reasons i won’t be able to pursue it as of now. Can anyone help me out here? does any1 here know of any certifications that would help me out , or for that matter any other course which i can pursue alongwith my job. I am planning to give the CFA Level 1 in June 2009… But any other alternatives from any1 of u out there will be of gr8 help to me.

Can you explain what is “business analyst”?

Business Analyst? You wanna go from “IT in an mnc” to SAP implementation for IT consulting? S E A R C H is your friend

I tried this move from IT to BA in the months of Jan/Feb/Mar 08 and finally gave up. That was the time when they were sacking Business Analyst and QA as you know all of the requirement gathering from business, documentation, design, implementation and QA testing can be done by a developer itself. Also had to start prep for L2 and could not waste anymore time in the search. Our team lost all the BA’s and I am doing it now by self but the company could go nonexistent by tomorrow

and how is Chinese Football Association(CFA) membership relevant to this?

Bibin, I am not in IT, but I have seen friends in IT moving on to becoming Business Analysts by taking SAP/Oracle Financials training (Functional side). If you want to get deeper into the business side and possibly the front office, an MBA would be the way to go. I don’t know if a CFA will help. By your own admission, you would “rather be talking to a group of people”. Perhaps you enjoy more salesy/marketing-oriented roles. CFA will be of little help here, while an MBA will be of great help.

to aval: Am I correct in gathering from your post that a way to move from pure IT to a finance-related IT position is to get into SAP Financials? Yeah, I agree MBA >>>> CFA to me, there isn’t too much of a transition from IT to BA; a Biz Analyst is still sitting on the fork in the road… eventually you’ll have to pick a side: IT or business.

Javi2, Getting into the Functional side of SAP implementation will definitely take you closer to becoming a business analyst. Again, I have no personal experience doing this. I know of people who have made that transition. You are still back-office, but a little less so IMHO.

First of all… Thanks a lot to all of u for replying… I have been posting this queries of mine in other forums & there are hardly any people who would reply… @itmonkey---------------------------------------- “Business Analyst is someone who analyses change requirements and produces a justifiable set of analysis deliverables that are used to design and implement the solution.” ------------------------------------------------------------ Well, i would like to be a little more explicit regarding my career goals here… My target as of now, is to jump from a developer to a Consultant in the Financial domain(not in IT). As for what i have got to understand form sources is that i wont be able to make the transition from a developer to a consultant directly… I did ask some people working in McKinsey & they said that 1 will be considered for a Consultant if 1 is a Business Analyst(BA),as BAs analyse requirements of the clients & give the team a set of solutions or deliverables that they can work upon to solve the clients req. So as a BA, a person primarily does stuffs that are being done by Consultants & hence can later on make the transition to a consultant. And as ‘AVAL’ says, i know MBA will be of gr8 help to me, as a matter of fact, i had come at striking distance of getting into one of the Indian Institute of Managements ,twice… But due to personal reasons i am dropping the plan to do an MBA now,as i cant take a break in work… So if any1 of u can suggest of any financial certifications or courses that i can do alongwith my work, then it woulb of gr8 help to me.