It haunts me in my sleep

Last night had a dream that I managed to sneak out a copy of the exam and was checking my answers. True story. Damn you CFAI for getting to my head like that.

Same in here!!! I keep thinking about the exam too! I can’t recall any of the questions aside from one Derivatives question that drove me nuts… So I’m started to overthink about how well I read the vignette, if I read too quickly and miss out on information etc…

I too struggling to get back to normal life. Seems forgot so many routine things that used to do earlier!

I keep working problems in my dreams!

the only paranoia I get is if I get accused of anything. I was so uptight about keeping my head down and not looking anywhere

yes! can’t move my neck now, in so much pain after sitting like that for hours.

Did you guys have form 5050 or 6060?

I ain’t got noooo problem with the CFA exams haunting me no more! During my final 6 weeks of study, I had all kinds of CFA concepts floating around in my head. I’d be lying in bed for 5 minutes having just woken up, and was super groggy, and somehow I magically had some revelation on some concept.

i woke up today at 3am in the morning and I screamed to myself ‘stop solving equity questions!’

I have formulas running through my mind like its a ticker on cnbc

What is the difference? are teh question different in these form?

What is the difference? are teh question different in these form?

Let it go. Worrying isn’t going to change your grade. Worst case scenario is you take it again with a much better knowledge of the material.

Perhaps you should do a few practice exams to calm yourself down.

Prior to the CFA I used to dream of Beautiful Figures. Now all I dream of is algebraic figures.

Before After

I keep working problems in my dreams!

…even in my dreams am still running short of time!