It is FRIDAY people!

What are YOUR plans? Mine: fun fun fun fun fun.

The plan would be Study Study Study Unfortunatly I am sick sick sick… So for those of you who are well, enjoy your time and no matter what happenes remember it could be worse. You could be in bed like me.

Hangover God give me energy to wake up

Im working but im also sleeping… Semi-conscious is the way to go on friday

Friday till 1PM: Excellin’ (like a boss), followed by writin’ (like a boss). 1PM on - flight to atlanta. Friday, Saturday - wedding in ATL. Sunday - flight back. Wondering why I didn’t seem to get a lot of studying done, panicking.

I dont want this weekend to end.

WHICH SEAT DO I TAKE ? ? ? ? ? ? fri: make it through the work day, finish booking memorial day condo, dinner w/ sis and nephew, sleep sat: hard gym, chiro/massage, alumni social event, relax w/ gf sun: run, blog, possibly bike, hang at pool, grill, sleep mon: start new role


Our plan is to get nuked, caught in the crossfire of the US/CN war. But aside from that, picnic at the park, as it’s looking to be sunny.

Jesus p.p, I almost splooged all over the place when I saw this. Didn’t know it was a bump. Let’s play anyway…

Friday: Continue educating my kids on blackjack and hold 'em

Sat: See how long I can lay in bed without anyone bothering me

Sun: Fap furiously while my wife is at church

^ lol STL that gave me a good chuckle, but I cant say I would do anything differently that sounds pretty fantastic.

For me: tonight drink but try not to get black out because sat & sunday I gotta study all f’in day


Fun Fun Fun

^"Til daddy took the T BIRD away?

Too far away to make a prediction

Did you get one of those fully functional sex robots or you still have that creepy body pillow you cut a hole in?

atush is insecure and try to protect his ego by inflating his stories and life. Also none of which you said he uses a cucumber to please his corn hole

I wonder if those dolls will be considered cheating - it not i got some demons to unleash. This will probably be the modern day version of a trip to thailand

you do realize why most ppl go to thailand right?

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