It is hard to get a job if you are not local

I would tell the headhunter your problem and ask them how they have dealt with it in the past, I am sure it happens a lot. I am guessing some people use family/friend’s addresses, not sure if that would cause problems in the future or not.

leave out ur address

ya, that’s why I’m moving where I want to work

bromion Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ssdnola Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > any suggestions on how to deal with this > obvious > > problem? For example, state familly address in > the > > targeted area or call headhunter and state that > > you do not want relocation package and ready to > > move whenever they need you. > > > > What do you guys think? > > I think that’s about the best you can do, yeah. > And have a convincing reason for wanting to > relocate. I think any time you can connect a face > (or even just a voice) to a resume, you are better > off. If you can get through to a recruiter and > tell them about your story and why you want to > relocate, that is better than just firing off > random resumes and saying that you don’t need a > relocation package. It helps a lot to have local > people pulling for you. Open a PO Box in the state, city, county you’re moving to… Just don’t tell them you live out of town.

that is another good idea

Im_Awesome Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > leave out ur address How do you do this when it’s standard to list the city and state of the firm you work for on your resume? You could leave out the city and state of the firm as well, but they would still know where that firm is in a lot of cases. I don’t think there’s any effective way to hide the fact that you are a non-local candidate.