It looks like instead of asking questions to have an understanding... posting questions is to clog space on the forum

Yes subjects are very subjective. folks are available to answer them, and answer them well. but it is getting a little too much when the same questions are asked in multiple ways, without basic re-“search” function being used. a couple of days before the exam - this has got to stop, so we have more meaningful discussions to help each other out, and not rehash the same discussions ad nauseum, ad infinitum

Thank You, This needed to be said I don’t think it will help though…

yup i agree with both of your points.

I bet we’re gonna see another one of those “howcome equity isn’t the same under all 3 methods of consolidation” threads. Ugh.

It happens!

No but seriously…what rate do you use to convert non-monetary assets and liabilities under the temporal method, guys? j/k I know what you mean, cpk

long time ago, I suggested dividing up the forum into sub forums, which should cut the amount of traffic.