Item-Set Questions Formatting

Does anyone here know, for the official CFA exam question setting, whether the order of the 6 questions in an item set is in the same order as the information outlined in the vignette? In other words, is the information in the vignette all in one place for each of the 6 questions in sequence (of course, except for financial statements tables, if given).

Does anyone have any knowledge about this type of stuff?

From taking a mock exam, it seems that the information within the vignette is in sequence to the questions.

For Example:

John did this on April 20th.

He did this on May 15th.

On June 19th he died.

Question 1. What did John do on April 20th?

Question 2. What did John do on May 15th?

Question 3. What did John do before he died.

Thanks, jaeestrada.

Are you talking about the the official mocks?

If that’s the case, then really there’s nothing special about item-set questions, which are pretty much the same as multiple-choice questions at Level 1. All you need to do is to find out the right “chunk” of info from the vignette.

In other words, when answering Question 2, you just need to simply go to May 15th in the vignette and find out what happened to John on that day instead of reading about how John died on June 19th, which would be relevant only when you are answering Question 3 later.

Isn’t this just a way to give advantage to people who are better at Engligh than those who speak English as a foreign language?

I agree to a certain extent, however, I have seen quite a few questions in CFAI sample exams for which you need to read through 2 or more paragraphs and there were a few FSA Qs where you had to read even footnotes… Lets hope this was an exeption rather than the rule!

Yes… Sometimes I just think if I find myself spending (much) more than 3 minutes on one question, something must not be right…