Item-Set Questions Formatting

Does anyone here know, for the official CFA exam question setting, whether the order of the 6 questions in an item set is in the same order as the information outlined in the vignette? In other words, is the information in the vignette all in one place for each of the 6 questions in sequence (of course, except for financial statements tables, if given)? Or do you often have to extract information from various places in the vignette in order to answer a specific question?

Does anyone have any knowledge about this type of stuff?

Generally speaking, yes, the six questions follow the vignette in sequential order. For this reason, you don’t have to read the entire vignette before tackling questions.

there are of course distractors strewn in the vignette and some tables / charts relevant to the answer that may come up later…

so read the question - determine what you are asked, then determine what you need … from the rest of the place.