Item set questions order

Question for Level II retakers: When you wrote the exam previously did you notice if six questions for each item set were sorted by level of difficulty or is the order just random? (Within each item set do they start with the easy fillers first and finish with harder questions or vice versa?)

I feel that first questions are easier than last questions, but I’m not sure it’s a rule though.

I believe it’s just random. You could sort the level of difficulty of the vignettes by your own preference though.

^^ is probably referring to the item sets, not the questions within each set.

Thanks. BTW I was referring to the questions within the item set.

I’m sure this has been answered before but: Within a particular vignette, do its questions contain the same/similar subject matter? Or does each vignette pull different questions from random places in the curriculum? (e.g., Vignette A only has Stat questions ; Vignette B only has FSA ; so on and so forth…) or (e.g., Vignette A has Stat, Econ, FSA, Equity, and PM questions.) or maybe its somewhere in between? Thanks!

Each vignette is labeled with the section that it has most focus on, but it could have other materials mixed in. e.g. Corporate governance could get mixed with Quant, if a regression model uses a qualitative dependent variable to rank quality of corporate governance.

They label each vignette by the difficulty level too. I am going to start with 2wos, 3hress, 4ours and if time permits take up the 5ives.

Oh they did? I couldn’t remember when I tried L2 last year. Maybe I missed it…