Item sets question for test preparations

Having failed CFA level 2 with Schweser I am thinking of trying out Elan or Stalla and was wondering which had better item sets. I found out that Scheweser Practice Exams for the recently ended level 2 are not adequate enough. The style is different and it makes me feel uncomfortable when I was attempting the actual exam. It was so bad and my score for that section proves it. I did much better on the FRA/Corporate Finance and Ethics because I did the eoc questions to death. However, there wasn’t enough vignette style eoc on equity, derivatives and fixed income and there is where I failed miserably when depending solely on schweser.

Sad to hear your result…

I think most of us (ok many of us) had a tough time understanding the derivatives PM session this time. I too got a score of less than 50. I also found there are not many practise questions available as your rightly said for derivatives.

I used Finquiz, even it didnt have too many Itemset questions for derivatives. But i found them very very good for the rest. Analystnotes is another one which you can try and you get to read the material free anyway as well.

I never liked schweser style and never used them… May be you could give the above two sources a try… If you search a bit on the net, there are many many sites which offer free questions, Just dont miss them. I had many many such sites, let me see if I can get the URLs from my desktop sometime this week and share it. Meanwhile these two sites below are you must be aware, just in case you didnt :slight_smile:

finquiz is offering 60% discount for retakers and full time students. Email them at for details. I used their material and passed the exam. Was also having Schweser but would recommend finquiz.