Hi, I’ve got a pic i wanna send u… LOL!! but cant seem to find the private message function :o

there’s no private messaging function. is this related to moose club?


hehe no. i like your post so i was inspired to do this:

@black swan: hi, nice to meet u, like what ur saying over here. very *real* and its what ive been thinking about as well :slight_smile:

axsw, I just saw the pic on my personal smart phone, since I wasn’t totally sure it was SFW. But it is safe. You did a nice job! I like it. I’m a fan of demotivational posters

For other people, it refers to my post here:,1275724 post #3

yep totally safe for work hahaha. awesome, i’m really glad u like it. i posted it on my fb too to save it. and i didnt give u credits for this :smiley: feel free 2 add me there if u use fb :slight_smile:




Did this really need a bump?

what was the picture

^ not worth “seeing”

I’m just as confused why igor bumped this.

The only post that Itera has ever inspired me with is the following written sometime in 2012:

"A fox saw some delicious grapes hanging high on the vine. Although he leaped with all his strength and might, he was not strong enough to reach them. As he went away, the fox remarked, ‘They were probably sour anyway. I don’t need them’ "

Thank you, Itera.