Iteracom's feelings are hurt

This is from another forum. And it’s not the first time Iteracom has voiced that he thinks he is treated unfairly.

I think the reason that you seem to catch flak while BS gets away with it is because you don’t qualify your opinion like BS does. For example, a long time ago in a thread far, far away, I said “Debits go on the left and Credits go on the right. They teach you this at Local State and at Harvard. I don’t know why people think they learn it better at Harvard.”

Black Swan took the time to explain why full-time programs are better than part-time programs. You just said, “Stop with the debit/credit crap. Only accountants do that.” Then you insinuated the “Top 10 or rustified hack-a-sack” argument.

What you said isn’t really fundamentally different from what BS said, you just say it in a little more abrasive manner, and don’t tend to explain yourself. I think you believe that your opinions are realities that should be self-evident, and a lot of time they are not.

And I made the comment about “good MBA’s” vs. “bad MBA’s” for the benefit of the other posters, not you. And I still think that it was a valid distinction, because a lot of people believe that all MBA’s are created equal, and they are not. If I were a CPA/CFA, I would find very little reason to go to Local State, but would gladly accept an opportunity to go to Harvard.

I didnt even read the crap above, but why are you posting this?


i thought i was pretty jobless


Maybe you should at least read the crap above before you call someone a tard. There’s no reason to be rude.

But to answer your question, Iteracom has said in the past that he catches a bunch of crap, when he says basically the same thing as BS or Bchad. I wanted to bring it to his attention, but didn’t think that the other thread was the place to do it. And we don’t have IM on here, and this would also permit others to say what they think as well.

For the record, I like Iteracom, and think that he adds a lot to the board. I also think that he means well. I just tend to disagree with him oftentimes, especially in regards to B-school programs.

hey greenman, what was your handle on this board before you became greenman?

Iteracom only gets his feelings hurt by those with a top 2 MBA, 3/3 CFA, work at GS, MS, KKR, AQR, etc, and have a dong longer than a Subway Sandwich. Otherwise he brushes it off and reminds himself that he’s a bawss repping the SS moving markets with every keystroke from deep within his shared cubicle.

Doesn’t matter. I didn’t change my name because I was trying to hide from anything. But when I signed up, I wasn’t aware that I didn’t have the option of changing my handle. And my original handle revealed a little more personal information that I wanted people to know.

And I go by Greenman72 on other forums as well. But this is the forum I’m on 90% of the time.

really? a whole thread just for this? This is actually funny to me more than anything.

But dude, I lost some respect for you. It’s like I called you a name and now you’re crying about it.

For everyone wondering “wtf is this about” here’s the thread in question:

Go and judge for yourselves.

To Greenman, would you like me to call the wah-bulance for you?

Suck it iteracom.

Suck it good.

Black Swan, you need to qualify that statement. Otherwise Greenman won’t understand it.

I think maybe I sent the wrong message.

I’m not crying about it, and I certainly don’t mean it to be a personal attack on you. But you’ve said a few times now that people respond to your opinion with vitriol, and I just wanted to state my opinion as to why. Again, you’re one of my favorite posters on here, so don’t start thinking that I don’t have love for the Iteracom.

And if I’d known that it was going to cause such a racket, I wouldn’t have posted it in the first place. But we’re here now, so…

Wah, wah, wah


Yeah Greenie, you gotta stop doing this man:

Como se dice Hacksaw?

El hacksaw o sierra para metales

easiest tl;dr of my life

the ‘Wah’ bulance.

Good one, never heard it, might try it on someone if I get the opportunity.

TIL That Greenman only likes posters from Top Tier MBAs. CvM, get me that rusty hacksaw pronto