It's all 'bout the money It's all 'bout the dun dun do do do dumb! How much money you need to be happy!

Also this isnt a rap song! please dont hate me!

I did notice a difference in general happiness as my income went up when I was younger. If I had to put a number on it, probably about 100k and plateau from there until you reach the next “tier” that I’d peg around 250k… which just allows for bigger everything in most cases.

At 100k for the most part you can do you what you want, assuming you’re not an idiot with your cash. Beyond 100k savings should ramp up materially so your happiness doesn’t change per se, but offers smaller incremental levels of satisfaction as your accounts grow over time.

Thats CDN, so prob closer to 75k USD historically assuming purchasing power parity.

at la. i think i can be happy with 50k. i’ll never be able to save. but i’ll still be happy. anything above 50k, is pure saving minus the ramp in taxes. by 80k, ur capping all the tax advantaged accts imo. and its all relative. if u were in a third world country. i think a dude would be max happines with 20k.

One study said that after 70k your happiness plateaus very fast. This was in Europe, in the US and A the figure is probably higher because of the different social system.

I think once you can afford to buy the milestone items like wedding, house, car and you have, the marginal utility runs off pretty quickly.

Love this story which I try not to forget about:

lets be real though. if this was mexico that fisherman would only make 2 bucks an hr. hes not fishing a lil. lol

My favorite part was the siesta, and pics of Maria?

It’s all really just about the siestas, as soon as you’re cashing in on them siestas nothing else matters

no cap. i get siestas right now. i nap an hr and 30 min. between 2 to 6 PM.

I’m going to assume you’re intentionally really bad at reading between the lines

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