It's been two weeks

Still couldn’t believe I made it through charterholder.

Anyone here still feeling unbelievable 2 weeks after the results?

Congrats! I’m still crossing my finger for my work experience to be approved. But yes, I am still surprised that I passed LIII.

But then I remind myself, that the Institute requires just a ‘C’ grade for passing and not necessarily an ‘A’ what we all go for when we start studying, I presume.

Yea it feels good to say it in my head *name*, CFA

I hope you get your work experience approved soon. By the way, congrats to all of us. You guys deserve it.

I still have a massive grin on my face. It is an unbelievable feeling. The CFA took me a long time to get, almost a decade, with years off in between, but I still can’t believe I am done. Not sure when it will wear off, but I am loving the feeling.

Congrats to all of you! I felt ecstatic after passing level 2 for a long period of time lol So, I could only imagine that it is double the feeling and the period for all of you. I also remember very well the day I passed my final accountancy exams and became a Chartered Accountant, I was on top of the world (almost hit by a car on the way back home as I had my earphones on, was thinking how much life is great, and wasn’t paying attention to anything around me!) - I could only hope this is me next August! Of course minus the car thing!

Don’t discount your achievement man, the grade should be measured against the difficulty of the context. I am sure a Harvard C grade is better than a hacksaw school A grade.