It's Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay what's your plan ?

Tonight: Hang out with friends,try out an electric scooter I got from a friend.

Sat: Study Computer Networks +Number Theory

Sun: Repeat Saturday + Feel bad cause it’s a Sunday.

triple x! but i gotta plan for fiance’s bday next month. plan a quick local trip maybe 200. then have a ayce taco party catered for the fam the following week. 7$ a person for 60 ppl. so about 420.

vegas money -> bae money

saw a hot nurse today. wanted to pentetrate but jsut said hello!

“saw a hot nurse today. wanted to pentetrate but jsut said hello!”

Good thing you were able to hold it together Nery.

also the doorlady for the building is super hot, looks east euro. why are all these hot chicks doing these real jobs. they could prolly make more just posting on insta.

for lunch today i am eating lobster. what a wonderful day.

Go to sleep at like 9, lot of hours this week

Just going to study, partying will be done after June 15th!

Go home from work at 6. Cook dinner. Eat. Study. Rub one out. Pass out by 11pm. #sad

yea cooking and cleaning is a lot of time. i just ended up buying food. i went to subway so much that they got to knoiw me. more time equals more rubouts which means higher pass rate!

It’s Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend

You know, the black guy in the Friday song is also the video producer. Parents pay him money to make a music video starring their kids with the hope that they will become a viral celebrity. He also cameo’d in the Thanksgiving song dressed in a turkey suit. Sounds like a solid business model, if you ask me.

Going to a funeral home to help plan a funeral today. Buddy of mine got his ticket punched while the kids were at home with him. Goddamn shame.

Probably play some Apex after that meeting since I won’t be able to go back to sleep.

Work all weekend. My break between spring and summer semester ends Monday, so probably grill and drink beer tonight.

My BAC is supposed to be 0.00 while at work, but I don’t plan on getting into a wreck and having to get my blood yanked.

Play PUBG, Play DOTA, Read Reddit