It's Friday People....

Today: Off to London Tomorrow: hangover, then drinking Sunday: Up early to watch the tennis, more boozing. Enjoy!

Tonight: relax, watch tennis Tomorrow: Gasparilla in Tampa, FL Sunday: Hungover, watch tennis final

Today: not sure, probably drink Tomorrow: KU vs. K State. I’m an MU fan so I’ll just hope there’s a fire. Sunday: actually might study, watch football

Tonight: possibly to the boozer for a few ales. Tomorrow: The cats away, so soppispoopsopopso comes out to play. No he doesnt really anymore, will just have a good night out with the lads Sun: Recovery, scheme how to make money off the internet

Tonight: cutting the ponytail, Mexican, gym Saturday: gym, mahjong Sunday: work

Tonight: evening with girlfriend - (includes hot oil massages!) Saturday: study, dinner with girl and friends Sunday: study, study, study

Tonight: study, win lotto Sat: buy CFAI Sun: /pass

Tonight: stay late at work, gym, whiskey / scotch and a movie with some buds Sat: up early to volunteer / mentor, gym, go into office Sun: gym, office, maybe hit the cfa books

Today: skiing in Tahoe Saturday: more skiing Sunday: even more skiing Have a great weekend everyone!

Tonight: Work drunk until 3-4am finishing my side business schedule for the next quarter. Saturday: Heavy swimming. Go to my car’s preventive service. Buy clothes for my children (d@mn kids just keep growing like onions). Sunday: Light swimming. NOT watching football but drinking like if I were watching it.

Hangin’ out from the Finland hotel too cold to go outside, bored bananas.