It's Friday People

What’s on the agenda - other than breaking in the BO? Tonight: reviewing derivatives and pm for l2 Saturday: putting ~40 miles on the bike, cleaning the apt and taking a date to a concert Sunday: taking the date home, more studying and grilling w/ the neighbors

Quit stealing my thunder… Tonight: Drinks Tomorrow: Study & birthday drinks. Sunday: Study

the first! the problem is, if theyse don’t get nuked, there will be 520 of these in 10 years. do you see what we’ve created? its madness, its anarchy!

tonight - watch the draft, drink tomorrow - watch the draft, drink, study, crawfish festival sunday - study

MattLikesAnalysis Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > its madness, its anarchy! its beautiful :wink:

tonight - L3 fixed income (i know, i know, i’m pretty kewl) tomorrow - more FI then piano bar for a buddy’s birthday. before hitting on every middle-aged, suburban divorcee in arlington heights, i’ll be requesting my usual - kyle’s mom is a big fat bitch sunday - maybe some more FI, maybe some attribution or derivatives to spice things up a little

It’s back! Tonight: Study L2, Dinner w/ friends Tomorrow: Atlanta Steeplechase Sunday: Recover & Study