It's Friday people.....

Friday: LIII Saturday: LIII Sunday: LIII

hahahaha - its that time of year Friday: make condensed formula sheet, review Saturday: full L2 mock, sushi w/ peeps, review Sunday: run/gym, finish equity, grill out

FRI: pull it SAT: Pull it some more SUN: Be tender and gentle to it, then pull some more by evening

Friday: LIII Saturday: LIII - LOST Marathon (5 episodes behind) Sunday: LIII - LOST Finale

Friday: Reviewing corp finance, g/f is cooking dinner and watching a movie when I’m done studying Saturday: Now that I’ve finally gotten SS6 [pensions and foreign subsidiary translation acct’g] I think I need to nail down intercorporate investments. Study all day :((( Sunday: Maybe brush up on econ, take another mock and see how I’ve progressed.

Friday - LII review/practice problems Satuday - LII mock, then do more review/practice problems Sunday - Study until I can’t studay anymore, LOST finale

Friday- Get loose and try and find something nice to sleep in my bed Saturday- Wash car, study, repeat friday night Sunday- Possibly go visit ex-gf if nothing pans out Saturday night.

Friday - go out to dinner with the wife. Get drunk for what might be the last time before the exam. Sat - Study Sun - take the wife and kids to the airport (two weeks to myself to study), study, watch Lost Somewhere in there I might have to buy Red Dead Redemption. After all, I can’t study all the time.

Sweep the Leg Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Somewhere in there I might have to buy Red Dead > Redemption. After all, I can’t study all the > time. that game looks sick - I’m thinking about buying ps3 just to tear it apart. might hook up the surround sound, too

Sigh, I don’t even own a TV. How do you guys find time to play vidja games?

ASSet_MANagement Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > How do you guys find time to play vidja games? i’m going to have a lot of it in about 2.1428751429 weeks

Video games truly are my only flippin’ escape. I get up at 5:30AM, study for an hour or so before work, go to work and study an hour or so throughout the day, and then come home and bang out another 2-4 hours on Qbank. Once it’s 10PM though, you’d best believe that some scrubs are getting pwned. If I have an A+ effective day [like the schedule above], I have zero guilt about playing for an hour or two once I get all my stuff done.

I’ll actually play way more video games than normal over the next two weeks. I’m taking off work and my family is going on vacation so I’ll have the house to myself. Study for a total of about 8 hours a day. That leaves another 10 hours I’ll have to find something to do.

You guys are going to own this exam, just keep studying. Assume the rest of the cohort is studying too. Once you’re through, here’s what you can look forward to (or variations based on your lifestyle): Friday: sit on roof thinking about whether I want the job I interviewed for today. They told me to “Think about it over the weekend and you’ll hear from HR”. Good sign? Saturday: meet up with Chinese hottie early to tutor her in financial analysis class, while receiving some free Mandarin lessons in how to talk about financial stuff. Go to indie movie with other chick then post-game at bar with air hockey. Hopefully more. Sunday: Apply plaster to wall I’ve been building in house. Go out to the country to hang with brother and do some fishing. Drink beer.

brahs, its Friday