It's Getting Ugly

This election cycle has really highlighted the divisiveness in the U.S. It’s everywhere – TV, talk radio, etc. The amount of disdain between people of differing opinions has grown hugely over the last 8 years. And it is bleeding into everything. Literally EVERYTHING is surrounded by some sort of politicized controversy. Look at the Superbowl and Oscars.

Buckle up people. It’s going to get a lot worse before it can get better. We’re in a full on idealogical war.

I’ve been talking about leaving the US with my fiancee over the next five years. Maybe I’m naive, but it can’t be this stupid everywhere. Half of it is just the annoyance of having to listen to it, the other half is the very real concern that if these are our candidates now, and extrapolating the rate of degeneration, what will our candidates look like in 20 years?

Candidates are Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, France and Canada (where Geo and I will unite to mock you puny Americans).

What was the politicized controversy about the Super Bowl? (Other than the NARAL tweet about the Doritos commercial. I didn’t think that was a controversy–just a bunch of idiots trying to pretend like they matter.)

You won’t have the political dialogue in other places, because they’ve already accepted socialism or sharia law.

Just where would you go that’s better than the US? I’m not picking a fight–I really want to know if you think there’s a better country to live in.

^ I just edited my prior post with a list.

I agree that I may just be naive about it all and disillusioned. Which is why it’s sort of a five year pipedream to contemplate, visit some places, try to work a career angle, etc. Switzerland would be our mutually agreed upon ideal country (I’m half Swiss) but getting in appears to be a real trick.

It’s the same as it’s always been, you’re just of an age now to notice.

Are you saying they won’t let me bring all of my guns?

ALSO, I am honored to be the recipient of your first theme post.

It took this long to get a NeverHappened account!? The hero we need.

perhaps but technology has made it so readily available and instantaneous that it is now in your face 24/7 like never before. i think that pushes the polarization further. Go to facebook and you get to experience the “two minutes hate” everyday like never before.

Yea I agree BS. This 24 hour news cycle and both sides win from politicizing it all is really ruining this country. Seems like things are a lot easier in smaller countries as geographical differences are less. I compare the US to Europe. The whole of Europe has very different values and opinions and stuff is a mess similarly to the US. However each individual country in Europe seems to have it at least a bit easier than the whole of the US as everything isnt so polar opposite.

Can I have your secret bunker when you leave? BTW, better leave before Bernie gets in office. I believe his proposal is that you give up your first born if you want to leave the country.

I agree with this. Technology has made it unavoidable.

How does this stuff work do you know? I am able to become a duel citizen of the US & Ireland due to my grandfather coming over. Does having EU citizenship help if I wanted to live in Germany?

No idea. This plan is still in the “mostly a discussion point when Swanny’s been drinking again” stage.

This is actually probably the real problem. The solution is extraordinarily easy. Be a grown man and don’t have a facebook account.

I think the bigger issue with the SB was race. Anyone who doesn’t love Cam’s TD celebrations is a racist. Anyone who is critical of his play in the SB is a racist. Anyone who is critical of his behavior at his post-game presser is a racist.

Political correctness has also taken a lot of fun out of the commercials.

Everyone’s facebook feed:

Agreed, them uppity negros…

No, because I think it has a really transmission mechanism. This ADD attention span where people’s idiotic views are reinforced by wildly innacurate FB graphics and political debates distil the world’s most complex issues into 1 minute sound bites means the leader with the most sure sounding, simplistic and easily understood MBA like views will rise to the top. As a result, we get the Bushes (his name sounds familiar platform), the Cruzes (religion platform), the Trumps (I’m bitter platform), the Sanders (free stuff platform) and the Clintons (also familiar platform) anybody with half a brain gets weeded out. This is also tied to the fact that people by and large (ignoring the remaining minority) have given up on nuanced thought that is not spoonfed to them.

I don’t like any of the planned celebrations except the Lambeau Leap. Someone should knock Aaron Rodgers on his ass when he does his stupid championship belt thing. I like players who act like they’ve been there before. Hand the ball to the official or toss it into the crowd and let your teammates congratulate you. I do like that Cam gives the ball to a kid in the stand everytime.