It's that question... pen or pencil

I’m going to be that guy. I’m sure this question has been asked countless times but I want to get the AF class of '19s take.

Been doing all my AM mocks with a mechanical pencil because it doesn’t smudge as much. I also have terrible, terrible handwriting so I basically print in big block letters. If I mess something up completely I like to have the option of erasing. Otherwise I’d run out of room and/or make a mess of the page scratching things out with a pen.

I heard from a few people that pen is the way to go because it saves times not erasing, eliminates smudge risk, and that the graders prefer pen. But I have pen anxiety.

What’s the verdict here? Whattya got?

I’m using a pen and will be very careful. Ive been circling the choices when the question asks to circle, and then changing my mind… that makes it hard when you are on pen! haha.

That’s my fear! I can just see a page being completely destroyed with ink and arrows pointing in every direction. Can’t get away from the pencil but it would absolutely suck if the lead were smudged and they throw out your exam. Probably extreme, but this is a legitimate concern I have. Also heard a story of someone who used an erasable pen and it erased the other side of the page with answers to a different question on it, so I’ll avoid that.

Pen is the safe bet. But it’s living dangerously.

Definitely writing with a pencil. How would pencil get all smudged? That has literally never happened to me with #2 pencil.

Just what I’ve heard brother. Apparently the folks at Schweser think that exams traveling long distances have a high probability of smudge risk. Can’t see it with a lead pencil either, but what the hell do I know.

I’m going to write in pen just because its my style. Yeah my handwriting is better with pencil but I don’t want to waste time with sharpening.

i don’t think you need to worry about smudge - that deserves a big ol “child please” in the Schweser’s direction.

This just reaffirms my belief that Schweser isn’t a top-notch company…not only do they release subpar mock exams filled with grammatical errors but they also think #2 pencil will get smudged in an airplane :grin:

Pencil is the way to go. If you are worried about the need to have them sharpened, bring 10 pencils. And a sharpener.

its a money grab for them. Sad to say they’re primarily concerned about getting that cheddar and not about us passing (I mean I still use their books because I’m a hypocrite but can definitely see the big picture cuz I’m totes a conpetant analyst).

in b4 someone says blood.

Write fast!

Too late!!!

what kind of pens are recommanded that easily moves through and very comfortable for hands

For the pencil guys out there who have a bad handwriting, buy the muji blue pens 0.25. I probably have the worst handwriting in the world, I cant even read it which makes me anxious everytime I think about the am test. This is by far the best pen I used, its clear, thin like a needle, and makes your writing look better

Circle with pencil, write with pen.

Avoid ball point pens like the plague!!! Wide bodied gel ink pens all the way!!!

I intend to use pencil in the question where I have to show some calculations, and pen in the rest. Is that allowed (using pen and pencil at the same time)?

In case we face a question with “explain that and show the calculations”, can I use pencil for the calculations and a pen to explain the concept?