What you’re doing this weekend How you’re doing it. and whether CFA>MBA (plz show work). I’ll go first. What I’m doing:Taking the girlfriend out for late valentine’s day dinner (GIVE ME A BREAK, WE WERE BUSY MONDAY). Saturday morning meeting at the office, followed by my first run in ages. Studying for L3 and confirming just how behind schedule I really am. How I’m doin’ it: Like a boss. CFA vs MBA: Both are inferior to my certification in air conditioner repair work.

Friday: work, gym, beers, sleep Satuday: hard gym, massage/chiro, alumni meeting/presentation, mountain biking, beers Sunday: run, clean house, road biking, grilling like a hoss*, chilling with the gf Monday: household projects, urban biking (cause the only thing better than having a holiday is showing off to people who dont), grilling like a boss**, read how i’m doin it: like i’ve been there before cfa > mba: depends on the mba, but resume could use both *t-bones with new potatos and eggplant-mozz napoleans **bbq-chicken pizza with ham, pineapple and strawberry cabobs

What I’m doing: poo pooing How I’m doing it: by digging a hole in the ground and squatting above it rather patiently CFA > MBA Work: lim x —> oo f(x) = MBA + 1 MBA + 1 = CFA .: CFA > MBA QED.

Fri: Leaving early, was here until like 9 last night. Been a while since I had to do that. Gym then hopefully drinking. Sat: getting my first floor painted and hopefully learning how to do a backflip. GF wants me to go with her to buy a couch and my commitment phobia is creeping in, haha. Sun: As little as possible. Mon: Baking a mount rushmore cake.

My feet are on my desk, nothing needs doing. What’s up yo?

brain_wash_your_face Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > GF wants me to go > with her to buy a couch and my commitment phobia > is creeping in, haha. > Don’t do it, you will regret it. First it’s a couch, then wedding plans, then a house, then kids. It never stops.