its your birthday on june 6th

according to probability, theres 99% chance that if you have 52 ppl in a room two of them will share same bday. For L2 forum we easily have more than 52 ppl. Come on, time to party.

mine’s June 5th. gonna be a doozy of a celebration

its not my birthday on June 6th, but, 50 cent told me I have to party like its my birthday and sip Bacardi like its my birthday G-Uuuunit

it’s my wife’s birthday. She’s very happy with the CFAI for scheduling the exam on her birthday.

thats is an interesting statistic… 52 people… wonder how that works

The probability of it not being someone’s birthday multiplied by the probability of it not being someone else’s birthday, etc., etc. I believe it was covered in Level I.

my birthday is 8/19. one way or another I’m getting after it!

Also, and I could be wrong, I thought that the breakeven number when two people were likely to share a birthday was 25 (>50% probability).

7 th is my birthday

my uncle’s bday is 5th, my mom’s bday is 7th.

June 4th here. Party w/ bottle service already planned.

Mines June 10th. I’ll be partying on the 7th though like its my birthday.

Pepp, Don’t think the probability works that way. I mean, you are correct about the likelihood of two people sharing a birthday and all, but that doesn’t mean that somehow 52 people have a 99% chance of covering all 365 days…