ITT: We think of silly reasons why you wouldn't have passed...because you did =)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are all anxious as all heck right now, so let’s at least smile a bit before we see what tomorrow brings.

For everyone:

  1. I hope you pass, no matter how prepared you felt.
  2. And if you passed, give yourself, and everyone who helped you get through it a huge thank you.

But if you don’t pass:

  1. I hope you didn’t get band ten and will kick yourself for the rest of your life for missing that one question you knew you made a careless mistake on which would have made you pass.
  2. I also hope you were not a band 1, because that’s the CFA Institute saying you should probably spend your time working on another designation or doing something else besides ruining your life studying
  3. I hope it wasn’t because you slept exactly 71 minutes the night before and let the wording in the ethics section turn your brain into spaghetti.
  4. I hope it wasn’t because the guy next to you kept breaking his pencils in half mid-exam and you kept losing focus
  5. I hope it wasn’t because you tried to break into the CFA Institute’s database to find out your grade early and instead got a PCE and criminal charges
  6. I hope it wasn’t because you drank tons of coffee the morning of and lost 90 minutes making bathroom runs
  7. I hope it wasn’t because you forgot to hit the “Clear TVM” every ten seconds because you have to be paranoid like that
  8. I hope it wasn’t because the person in front of you was messing with your head because his testing philosophy was “If I can fart as much as I can, I can guarantee everyone around me won’t pass”

Any contributions?

Your reasons are making me more nervous :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I hope it wasn’t because the desk was too small and you were more concentrated on not knocking anything off your desk in fear that the proctors would suspect you of cheating than the actual test itself.
  1. I hope it wasn’t because your calculator ran out of battery on the second question of the exam and you were forced to make educated guesses on all calculation questions

Ah, the classic “I’m going to get a PCE because somebody might think the answers are duct taped to the bottom of my chair if I knock anything over” Haha good one!

Where’s that Michael Scott “No God please no!” gif picture?

You really did make me smile, thanks! :smiley: