I've been eating Retard Sandwiches...

The more exams I do the more volitile the score, either I’ve been eating retard sandwiches all day or I am suffering from Heteroskedasticity

I’ve managed to catch whatever strain of stupid you’re coughing up… my test scores are hitting new lows and I’m feeling dumber every time I look at another question.

Same here… I think perhaps we’ve studied so much that concepts are getting blurred together. It’s time to go back in there and take a big picture approach to reviewing and re-sort all the concepts to their right places…and cement them…don’t let them escape. I’m gonna go over my Schseser lecture notes now…god help me stay focused.

I hear you all. My scores went from high 70’s to an embarrasing 50ish on my last one. The same thing happened last year at this time with L1, but I pulled through on gameday. I’m fed up with the practice $^#& and am ready to get serious on Sat. I took the last two days off from serious studying. The chips will fall where they will and I’ll be taking an exam next year (hopefully L3, but if it’s L2 so be it).

i’m a retard and your post offends me. but yeah, i hear you… i need a confidence boost, bad.

I think I put in less effort when I get tired from studying all day.

which exams are all of you guys sucking on? im wondering if its the same ones

i haven’t taken a full test since mock 1. i just did some book 7 questions, not the whole test. not good for the old confidence.


AFJunkie, as long as its unconditional hetero, you should be fine.