I've noticed

there are a lot of ridiculously smart ppl on this board…sometimes I can’t fathom the breadth of material and think wow no one is going to remember this and then I come here and am totally floored…its inspiration if anything… you are ALL impressive…we can do this

we’ll set the curve!

even I noticed that AF has some very smart people. I would say CFAI does not say truth to all of us. If they deciede passing score on the basis of 70% of the average of top 1% then there is no way the passing mark would be more than 65. In this forum only few people got 90% in mocks and average score of top 1% would be 85-88 then it means passing mark would be 60-63%. But last year mumu, Nvancandidate etc did score good marks and according to 40-60-80 their score were around 70. I know that it is not a good indicator of real marks but very close. These people didnt even score anything less than 50% in any section. There is something fishy!!!

WORD I according to the 40-60-80 I got a 67% and my score had to be greater then 60% due to the silo structure of their grading and still failed. I think they penalize us :frowning: