i've taken a week off...for FRA....important topics please?

Hi all, with just about 3 weeks to go…im struggling with FRA…have taken the next 5 days off to focus completely on FRA…this is the only week i hav… coz i just hav to revise and practise all sections during the last 2 weeks…along with work :(( guys, who have passed level 1 and who are currently studying for the june exam… - what are the important topics in FRA that i should be focussing at this stage? (considering i have very less time) - out of which topics in FRA are we likely to see majority of the questions in the exam? - i need to hit a 70 in FRA…wats the best way to go about it at this stage??? really nervous right now… thanks for ur advice and help guys…really appreciate it :slight_smile:

If you have the Qbank, just do as many practice problems as possible. You have to focus on all of it and it’s all fair game on exam day. You did say you have a week off though. If it’s your second run at the material, which I presume it is, it should only take a few days to go over again. Learn the differences between IFRS and GAAP Learn all of the ratios And that second study session in FRA - I think it has deferred taxes, etc. That’s a must. Best of luck buddy. You have plenty of time to get fully prepared.

thanks soddy1979…although i dont have the Qbank as of now…im am in the process of getting the software… i will surely focus on the areas you have mentioned…any other imp topics you can think of?

It’s not FRA, but don’t ignore GIPS in Ethics. Easy points!