Jack of all trades needed, apparently

I stumbled across this job listing, and I’m trying to determine how much I’d need to do this job. They’re looking for 1 very lucky person who should be skilled in compliance, accounting, marketing, performance anlysis, equity research, etc, etc, etc. I’m struggling to determine if this role pays $45K or $150K.

Key job responsibilities:

-execute trades throughout various custodian trading systems

-reconcile and manage all Rocket investment accounts in Portfolio Center on an ongoing basis

-create and send out quarterly performance reports for clients

-assist maintaining compliance standards of the company

-update and create company marketing materials

-manage company cash flow; including paying bills, taxes, payroll, and billing certain accounts

-calculate composite performance numbers and firm financial numbers on an ongoing basis

-assist in stock selection research

-collaborate with portfolio manager in construction of proposals

-act as a primary resource for ad hoc projects


Too many assist, support, and update keywords.

I agree. It’s very clearly an entry level type role, but one that they are going to just cripple someone with work. I know what I make in performance analysis. I know what people that do payroll and accounting make. I know what we pay our admins that help the PMs. This role likely requires large portions of the skills and headaches that come with 3 or 4 roles. and pays less than any of them.

I’m sure someone will gladly take it because you’re working hand in hand with PMs and getting a lot of exposure to a wide variety of things, but I’m not sure I’d want to work for a company that thought it prudent to have 1 person do all those roles, especially 1 person who wasn’t qualified enough to land a better, more focused gig.

One of the companies I talked to briefly, straight out of college, big name, mostly financial sales, in Dallas, TX area, had a similar description and was paying like $35k, looking at Glassdoor, now $37k.

I think it’s one of those job ads where they throw in all possible responsibilities that they may like the person to do, but in reality you will never do half the stuff on the list or only perform them very rarely.

I agree with this

Sounds like a starting position where I work. $35k

It happens way too often.