Japan down 7%

Nikkei 225 9,466.06 -689.84 -6.79% Chart for Nikkei 225

Indonesia has halted trading

OK - This was fun for awhile but now I am sick of it. I don’t care if Virgin wants free assets. I want a functional economy.

Asian Markets Collapsing Omfg NIKKEI 9,251.00 -904.90 -8.91% edit: -9.38 edit: “Tokyo market crash is worst in 20 years” Its about to begin holyshit, everyone stock up on food and water

holyshit steveOW! Relax mate!

Tomorrow is gonna be a sad and painful day for America

The NIKKEI future was down more than 1100 at one point. I have never seen Japan market acting like this ever.

Wow. - Looks like another interesting day for US markets ahead of us . . .