Japanese Style Bathrooms

Has anyone lived in a Japanese style 1-bedroom apartment that has sorta 2 different bathrooms, one has the toilet the other has the sink and shower

Do you think this is superior to having it all in one room?

This video answers it right in the beginning.
Rich people have it in separated rooms, poor people have it all in one single place…

Japanese are usually right about everything and the rich are smarter, so if rich japanese people prefer separated then separated rooms is superior

thank you japan

What do you do after you take a dump? Do you walk to the “other” bathroom to wash your hands? Or do you wash the feces off in the kitchen sink?

What happens if you have to stop to pet the dog on the way? Then the dog licks your hand, then tries to lick your face. Do you just embrace it?

Well it’s Japan, so they gather it all up and use it in some gameshow somewhere.

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Yes I thought the same… the 2 bathroom thing seems unpractical and more expensive to build, but the Japanese like it, so it might be superior after all

And there is probably a handful of Japan engineers that spent thousands of hours thinking of a solution to those problems. The toilet has a built-in sink on top of the water box, you wash your hands and that water gets reused next flush… dog part dont know but will research

I think there is nothing more superior than taking a dump while your significant other is in the shower.