Japanese Whisk(e)y

What’s the deal with this stuff? I went to a friend’s birthday party and we drank a ton of it. I’ve never been so hungover. Is that just how it is? For reference, I think I’ve drank similar amounts of scotch, bourbon or rye and not felt nearly this terrible. Maybe there were exacerbating circumstances (like being 5 years older), but my god was I useless the next day.

did you mix?

No more than usual…maybe it was sushi related.

I don’t buy that some alcohols give you a different intoxication or that mixing makes you worse off. I think this is all just anecdotal nonsense and what really matters is stuff relating to the status of your body going in (such as hydration levels among other things) and the net amount of alcohol you end up consuming. I have had nights where I was literally drinking neat scotch, champagne, and sugary shots all at once and woke up the next day feeling super. However, on new years eve, among other whiskeys, I was drinking this bourbon I got for christmas that was 130 proof and I was hungover for a whole day! Both nights I had near my max which is 5-6 drinks.

Also, I think there is something to be said for not going to bed drunk. I think many times when I drink at work (sometime quite a lot!) I have to sober up to get home so I go to bed decidedly undrunk. But when I drink at home and don’t have concerns I feel worse the next day.

My trick is to eat 3 and a half pounds of chicken schwarma and pita bread when I’m drunk. Yeah, I still wake up hungover, but at least I got to eat chicken schwarma.

I know that if I consume more than 2 adult beverages within 2 hours of bedtime I am going to feel shitty in the morning. This didn’t seem to be the case in my twenties when I could drink myself to sleep and still perform the next day, of course my schedule provided more room for sleep back then.

lol i drink 5 to 7 shots a night on avg with a manageable hangover. and no puking.

the worst i ever drank was when i went to the club with a bunch of co workers and even managers. anyways i almsot didnt get in (i pregamed hard), but my hot co worker chicks begged for me. bouncer litereally said to me “i shouldnt let you in, but…” anyways i literally blacked out, they put a sombrero on me and took pics. supposedly we stopped by our office to get our ride. and i yacked at the street in front of our building.

when i woke up, i was at my buddy’s carpet . i went to eat oranges, i figured if i ate something sweet, id feel better. i didnt, i yacked at my buddys bathroom sink, when i realized it wasnt draining. i scooped my orange puke and dumped it in the toilet. then we went to grab food in weho with a couple of our hot chick co workers. anyways i ordered some lobster breakfast crap, but before i ate my food. i yacked some more in their bathroom. no one noticed a damn thing so i played it cool. anyways after our breakfast, we were walking back to my friends spot, and i yacked 1 last time in the street. they asked me if iwas ok, and i responded, yea man, but i think ur oranges are rotten. lol. also he bought those oranges from some hispanic selling it in the street when we went out for tacos a couple days before that.

go mix beers and vodka and get back to me next day how youre feeling vs just sticking to beer or vodka

actually try it tomorrow night, ask ace to film it

btw where is the meet up

I’ve never noticed Japan whiskey being any harsher. Is it possible that what you are feeling is because “we drank a ton of it.”? At Suntory factory you can buy a barrel and they bottle it up over time and send it to you. Quite nice.

i have the same issue with IPA beer. That stuff is pure poison.