Jayanta Sen - Have you heard of this man?

Hi, I have found tons of video lectures on the web prepared by this man for CFA L1 December 2007/ June 2008. I’m interested if any of you guys know something about this man and his video material for CFA. Thanks! Milos

I heard the book is always better than the movie.

How about readind the book first and than watching the movie to se whether you missed something?

If you have the time, go for it.

I checked out these vids a while ago - they are essentially the same idea as the Kaplan CFA video CDs I think. The guy had a pretty boring delivery that made diving back into the book seem like the more interesting option. I have a plan similar to the above - if there’s time at the end and I’ve used all other resources, I might watch these for real but it seems painful.