JDV-Hedge Fund performance

JDV, I think you are a leading hedge fund manager. Would like to know, how your fund as compared to the broader markets-in past 3-4 years. Has your mastery of quant , helped you perform like Warren Buffet. Statistical information-comparing your fund, with Dow Jones, S&P 500-would be most welcome.

Why the crap do you care and even if you do, why would that info have to be placed on a CFA forum?

After spending less than a month on AF , I realized that JDV is a real star, while my ex-guru Jim Cramer- is all trash. Just tried to lighten up things a bit. JDV: Please continue your great work on AF and ignore this post.

“My ex-guru Jim Cramer” That is a priceless statement right there.

Is that the idiot on CNBC?

Yes. I’m amazed it “only” took Dinesh a month to realize that, just maybe, if you’re getting your info from a guy on TV, you’re probably a little behind the “real money” curve…in his defense, Jim Cramer was a quality HF manager before becoming addicted to meth and starting that god-awful show on CNBC…