we dont’ have much time left!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *hyperventilates*

lets do this maaaaaaan


gonna try to take 2 weeks off before the test - my last hail mary. I’ve learned my lesson this year - due to competing priorities, i have not been able to spend nearly as much time on L3 as i did on L2 or L1. So i’ve tried to sneak in study time, but i can’t really learn it that way - either go hard after it or dont try - because 1/2 way is just wasting time.

getting close gravies and lentilmen tomorrow there will be one less day to study soon it will be Friday. Yesterday would have been Thursday and tomorrow would thus be Saturday.

will be starting the last book Sunday, then all done by May 1. i will have from May 1 to June 3 to do an intensive review review. I will be taking every monday off in May and the the week before the exam off and yes, not looking forward to missing ANOTHER memorial day weekend (3rd in a row since i went june june june). especially where i live, because my building has a sick roofdeck and there is a massive party up there every memorial day.

Builders you wouldn’t happen to live in new York would you?

200 water street

I know the building well ; 0, small world.

Party at builders after the test.

really small world - i’ve been spending alot of time in the past 18 months working on my clients at 180 maiden, 160 water, and 175 water. 200 water looks pretty nice - you own a condo or rent over there?

bayofpigs Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Party at builders after the test. im in !!!

builders, are you a chick? there is so much talent in that building its sick.

lol talent!!!

wake2000 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > builders, are you a chick? there is so much talent > in that building its sick. 2 Gold is top talent.