Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

This Netflix doc is just insane. A real eye opener to the vastness of grease that is swarming in society. A true predator, he systematically took full advantage of teenage girls… even had the routine down: 200 bucks to keep your mouth shut and an equal amount for referrals.

This type of thing just blows by mind. To be that successful, that admired and “powerful” and to exert your power by jacking off while a 14 year old smears jelly on your chest is out of this world. Sincerely hope I’m in the majority and that this isn’t how people secretly live. It’s a messed up world comrades. I don’t see how this guy couldn’t have killed himself.


Haven’t watched but From what I heard it completely ignores that he was a Mossad intelligence asset blackmailing half of Congress by getting them on video doing bad things to children.

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I mean, probably. And if that’s the case we’re all living in a circus world. It’s difficult to wrap your mind around this. These people should be lined up, castrated and shot. Is it that hard to just not be a pos?

If it all came out at once society would collapse and the world would go to all out war. Trump has been dealing with this for 3 years and carefully unraveling it all. Every government was compromised, blackmailed, and controlled by an international death cult mafia.

Also, Epstein was a big time trans humanist and had close ties to Gates and other elite trans humanists. They were working hard on creating their break away civilization and having us as their slave race. The amount of pure willful evil will put many people over the edge. It’s hard to imagine that the most powerful people in the world have a deep hatred of humanity and they view us as nothing more than cattle to be used in any way they want at their whim.

Does the documentary talk about how he didn’t kill himself?

Nothing about that yet. But I’m only on episode 2 of what I thought was an hour documentary. It seems they had enough material to make a mini series.

Pedos amirite?! Personally I think if you are rich and add value to societ you should be given some extra rights and privileges. But obviously not taboo pedo ■■■■.

What kind of rights and privileges?

Like in the Philippines, if you are an expat. They give you a blue license plate and it essentially means that the police dont stop you. Or like legalizing drug use if you got money. And other stuff that would normally be illegal but doesn’t really harm others. I don’t know. If ur paying higher taxes then I think you deserve certain higher rights.

In this model, would it be a binary decision or some kind of a progression into ever expanding higher rights? Would e.g Nery, who will soon be clearing 200k, have the same higher rights as Ohai, who makes 800k? Or should Ohai be allowed to do stuff that is prohibited from Nery?

The entire Epstein thing is very disturbing. The administration could have easily leaned on the prison the ensure he was kept alive. Do you really think he’d be dead if he had dirt on Dems (Clinton) but not republicans (trump). Plus, it just all went away. There’s likely hundreds of victims involved, plenty to prosecute, but still nothing.

The whole thing is terrible.

It’d be progressive much like our tax rate. The higher your income the higher percentage of your income you pay so the more rights you get. Like it sounds silly but look at la. When the rioting started, what did the cops protect. Beverly Hills. Ppl who pay higher taxes should get more protection. More resources from the government because they are in fact financing the whole thing. I know it sounds silly to most. But what’s worse a drug addicted coke heard making millions or a crack head worth nothing and stealing to finance his habit. Drugs should be legal for richer people. It just makes sense to me. Imagine before a court sentence if a judge hears how much taxes you paid in the past 10 years, imo that should affect the type of punishment you get. Why lock people up who can do greater things. People like Elon musk who is pushing human achievement deserve more adulation beyond money to encourage them to do greater things.

Lol. Yeah that’s a horrendous idea. Can you imagine the social divide that would occur if this were actually implemented? And I doubt that smoking crack on the weekend would motivate Elon to build more rockets. There’s already plenty of adulation to go around… this might be the worst idea I’ve ever heard you say, no offence.

Well that’s just the society I want to live in. Where you get what you pay for!

Been tried before. It’s called an aristocracy. Didn’t work out so great for like 95 percent of people living in them.

Well there were different forms. Aristocracy lead to lower taxes typically. I am saying if you pay higher taxes then you should get benefits.

The troof will always win

Patriots will prevail

No surrender

See the light in the heart

I think someone put a hit on this dude. He knew too much about the dirty deeds of other people and they put in the hit.

Epstein thought too much of himself to die like that.

lol absolutely. someone morally bankrupt like that would snitch on ppl to get a lighter sentence. not commit suicide and give up.

I don’t know mang, not a big conspiracy theorist but this one has me twisted up. On one hand he was a complete sociopath and I could see him believing he could somehow make out squeaky clean.

On the other hand he realistically was facing many years in the slammer along with his name being destroyed. All his allies parted ways without hesitation. If I was him, I’d probably hang myself too. But the whole camera died / guards fell asleep bit is beyond convenient.

Im on the fence here. Next to impossible for the human race to keep secrets so hopefully someone slips up and we get the juicy goods.