jersey sucks!!!

take that

i guess im not gonna make a deposit on that mil dollar house ohai posted last week

From the article:

Finally, regardless of Washington’s contribution, whatever private investment works its way into Gateway funding will inflate the project’s costs, since equity investors will expect a better return on investment than bond buyers would. The difficult question with this and other pending infrastructure projects has not been where to borrow money, but how to pay it back.

Does think make sense at anyone else, or is the writer really that poorly informed on how investing works?

The article is awful in general. I couldn’t read it.

Anyway, those NJ mansions are toast. No one wants to lock in an obligation to pay some township huge taxes every year to live in a huge dilapidated house with extremely high maintenance costs. Those houses have been on the market for years. Who wants to be the guy who desperately needs to sell the property in the future? No one wants to live in those places when they are old - you sell the place and move to Florida.

Those properties would be better off if the towns just bought out all of them and charged rent with fixed term leases, because that is exactly what people want.

has to be a typo in that… no way its just 80k people a day thats gotta be closer to 800k than 80k right?

edit: 600k a day to penn btw amtrak, nj transit, & LIRR

Where’s the Jersey listing for 1 mil?

^^^ found it. Interesting analysis. the question is whether this will cascade down to the lower priced houses i.e. 5 mil buyers now looking for 6 mill house, so the 4 mill buyers are looking at the 5 mill houses, etc.