Interesting concept. The more you put in your cart, the cheaper things get. No membership and a bulk section if you desire. Anybody use it? Like it? It definitely has stolen a few purchases away from amazon in my case. Buying ground flaxseed for under $4.00 dollars for a two pound bag. Incredible. Sam’s and Costco appear to be targets. Never shows up when I search for a product though. Have to check their site specifically. I guess that probably saves them money. Not paying for leads.

See the packages quite frequently in my building lobby, so it seems to be decently popular. Ill have to check it out

I think Greenie started a thread on Jet not too long ago.

I use it to buy sardines and a few other Items I use on a consistent basis.Best bang for your buck IMO.

^Still mostly Amazon packages at my front desk. Hopefully, somebody, anybody will be able to compete. Looks like Amazon is taking over the World. I wonder if they’ll ever turn the screws and make some money…

Searched. Just things about two-winged jets popped up. I do have the same recollection though. I’ll work on my search skills.

^Interesting. Definitely has grown massively since then…

there is some talk about it in the amazon thread in the Investments section

It’s hard to steal customers from Amazon, since a lot of people have Prime and feel invested in the product. On top of that, they are accustomed to the service and don’t want to learn how to use a new website. Also underappreciated point is that Amazon has a really great website. People can just spend time browsing products there, even when they are looking for nothing specific. looks like an amateur project by comparison.

Of course, the retail market is big, so both have room to grow.

Also, why do you need 4 pounds of flax seeds? Is that like a laxative?

^I consume three plus ounces of it a day. So i buy in bulk. Ten to twelve bags at a time. A habit of mine for twenty years. Yes, keeps everything moving and has lots of good fats and antioxidants. Been known has a super food in the equestrian world for a long time. Gives me a nice glow as well.

Has some decent stuff, but will killed by Amazon me thinks long-term.

A shiny coat is important.

I don’t think it’s trying to compete with amazon. Very different strategies and customer preferences.

Yes, a shiny coat and a full mane. I think that’s why chicks are so into horses.

Jet rocks by the way. Something to keep Amazon honest at least. Love how they give a discount, usually small, for giving up return rights and for using a debit card(though my 2% cash back card is still the way to go). Last pair of running shoes, $43 on jet, after all their macerations, $125 on Amazon.

I notice more and more Jet boxes delivered in my building. It’s getting momentum

Someone had commented on their platform being amateurish, but I think it’s pretty slick. Fun even.