JFK files

so trump is unsealing jfk stuff this week.

you turd give me the 411, any pedo,pizza gate, hill dawg connections?

anything “they” are hiding still or is the real truth coming out?

We’ll find out tomorrow. I know some insiders have claimed a lot of what’s going on has been timed to coincide w this release so there may be indications in the files of the treason committed by elements of the gov that day.


AJ has some sources…

The stuff released from during the Cuban missile crisis with JFK and McNamara a few years ago was fire. We’ll see if this is as interesting.

bump 4 turd

He will have at minimum 3 “ETI” stories that produce zero results but make him feel better

Ok. Got permission from the adults. Phew! now can we go play and bully them colored kids?

This is why JFK was assassinated. He intended to expose the cabal and splinter the means by which they maintained control. He was the last non-controlled president until Trump. He was of the light.


another 19,000 docs released today. What are the odds Poppy Bush is implicated in this batch, just in time for his death?


Been going on for a while.

That’s not a new revelation whatsoever.

yet most on here label me as retardo conspiracy theorist when I mention it.

Mouthy popular black guy spouting off anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism rhetoric? Pretty obvious what happened.

I got your back my dude. Solidarity.

two shooters:

(1) SS Agent Roy Kellerman

(2) Jackie Kennedy for realz under threat of death – she’s not reaching for his brain fragments, she’s handing off the weapon.

Chief architects – GHWB, Hoover, LBJ