Jim Cramer?

What is your opinion on Jim Cramer?

Do you think he knows what he is talking about or is he just a perma-bull and tries to sell the companies whose CEOs show up in his TV show?

I tend to like his analysis more often than not, but he may be too biased to take seriously.

i like his deeper summaries when its a company i want to know about. youtube is also littered with his ceo interviews. so thats super cool if its a company i care about. he also does daily take on the market which is ok.

he definitely knows what he is talking about on a lot of stocks. he prolly has a really good team backing him. but for some random companies during hte lightning round, you can tell he doesnt know about it much. i would not follow the majority of his recommendations though. but he gives good info/summaries and the ceo interviews is the best part.

but i dont wathc the show. its too gimmicky. like the lightning round. he defintiely knows a lot when he needs to which is what counts imo. but his scope is too broad not a lot of those companies are going to be good. usually its on there because its what’s current., hot start up with huge run up or expensive multiple.

I can’t stand him. I interned at scottrade for two years straight during college. and three days a week I would have to listen to him SHOUTING for NOOOOOO reason from 4-5 the last hour we were open when the only thing I wanted to do was leave and get my drunk on with the boys.

He’s way too loud and needs to calm down.

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You know nothing. :grin:

Google “Leonard the Wonder Monkey”

some of us still remember bear stearns


I have seen this video previously. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did the depositors of Bear Stearns lose all (or part) of their money when it went under? I think I have heard Cramer say that in this video he was referring to depositors of Bear Stearns and that they did not lose money (unlike shareholders). I am not sure if any of that is true - never tried to confirm it either.

Wasn’t he the guy who said one morning to go long gold because of the fundamentals and then promptly reversed his outlook and advised to go short gold that same afternoon (of course because of the fundamentals) ?

You know during 2008 Cramer advised people to buy Bear& Sterns and Lehman said the companies were in sound condition, right? And some other really sound advice by him during the crisis!!! :slight_smile:

You should watch his interview with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show about a year later after the crisis.

Edit: Sorry! Somebody already posted the Bears video above. Why should anybody take him seriously after that?

Haha Cramer’s long-term outlooks on oil also last until the end of that day’s afternoon. What a guy.

lol i just read an article where he is telling people to buy staples right now. imo. its prolly the second dumbest move you can do. first being stocks with crappy debt. anyways like i said cramer has good interviews, and place to get news. but his advice is a bit what does everyone know about the market already.