Jimmy Fallon

I just don’t find this guy funny at all. I know I am in the minority because he gets great reviews and I think his ratings have been quite good. I know humor is a subjective thing (plenty of people obviously find this guy funny), but I have no idea how he made it this far. Anybody else feel this way?

Agree. I don’t find him funny at all. I get why chicks like him because he’s a halfway decent looking guy that is marginally funny/entertaining. Why dudes think he’s funny? No idea.

I think he’s funny, but I don’t watch his show I just see the viral clips. Are any late night hosts truly funny?

He’s contrived and annoying .

Conan is truly funny.

here is the breakdown of fallon. he is great in skits and videos he is a good singer and entertainer but he is a terrible interviewer…the worst

if you notice he does a lot of skits and stuff on the show that others dont do, i think nbc knows his imitations and tried to play to his strengths

hes great at imitations, sucks at everything else. Phil Hartman and Carvey could only top him from the 90s comedians I reckon.

But Jimmy Fallon is not a Jew, but guess who is Rod Carew, he converted.

Terrible interviewer, terrible stand up routine, but great at silly skits.

I can’t stand that dork. I do like kimmel tho.

Late Night TV is so outdated. It’s not funny, the interviews are boring and the bits are lame. And yes, Jimmy Fallon is overrated and not funny.

I agree that it’s outdated. However, I do find myself going on to Hulu and spending some time watching late night skits. Fallon’s drinking games can be entertaining, and Kimmel’s mean tweets are hilarious.

How is it “outdated”. I’m not personally a fan of the late night shows, but I fail to see how they are outdated. What makes them outdated? Is it the fact they are on TV, the fact that they are on late at night, the fact that someone who may or may not be funny “interviews” people, or is it something else?

I think it’s a bit outdated since it seems like a pretty inefficient way to promote a new movie, show, etc. I very well could be wrong, though. It could still be a ver efficient way of advertising to an older audience. However, since most younger folks that I talk to don’t watch the interview (unless they go viral for some reason), I can only assume that the efficiency is decreasing.

Also, each on of them (Fallon, Kimmel, Conan, Letterman) follow the exact same pattern: monologue / stand up, desk skit, commercial, desk skit, commercial, semi-scripted interview, fin. So, while that part may not be “outdated,” it does feel pretty stale.

The format is outdated, the interview style technique is outdated and the skits are lame and unfunny. Do you really find it interesting what Reese Witherspoon’s dog did while walking in Hollywood Hills trail?

kimmel is by far the best, seth meyers has potential. i randomly turned on arsenio hall one night and if you think fallon is bad, arsenio is in another tier

Best late night show ever was Magic Johnson’s short-lived experiment. And I don’t mean “best” in a good way. I was funny in how bad it was. And I mean bad. Don’t know if there are any clips on youtube, but if you like train wrecks, dumpster fires, etc., check it out.

And Conan is truly funny.

Btw, good thread. I always felt like I was in the minority or everyone else was taking crazy pills…