job advice please?

I’ve seen how helpful everyone is here with career advice, so hopefully someone is willing to help me out as well. Currently, I work at a discount brokerage for a large bank in Minneapolis. I basically do customer service and place trades for clients. Not the best job I know. I am sitting for level one this Saturday. I have an offer to work in the same call center I’m at now as a financial advisor/planner. Basically it’s the same thing I do now, except I would also be giving advise and doing financial planning. It would be about 10k more a year in pay when you take into acount bonuses included. The hiring manager knows I am taking the CFA exam and would like to get into research sooner rather than later. She thinks this job would be a good step towards my goal and supports the path I am pursuing. She wants a one year commitment to the position to hire me that would start this January to January of 2009. Would it be wise to take this job, or should I hope I pass this December ( i feel well prepared) and start searching for more relevant positions. Thanks.

Do you work in the West Side Flats building? That place is a nightmare.

If you take the job now that won’t stop you from being able to pursue other opportunities once you pass. I say take it. You may limit yourself within your own firm due to the one year rule, however if you are jumping to another firm it won’t amke a difference. I say take it for sure.

Thanks for the reply TheDubs. Anyone else have any thoughts on this.

I have seen numerous other posts complaining that firms take call center experience lightly. You said you were in MPLS. I know Piper has many opportunities currently in research. I would say pass, but that is my .02.

call centre will not get you to front office…not even remotely. focus on passing some CFA levels and look for other, more relevant work that is at least a step forwward, not sideways like a call centre.

I would say take it, one year is nothing, you still can still leave any time you want, and it won’t stop you from taking your CFA exams, but at least there will be some kind of advancement on your resume and more duties. Plus it is advising experience, it is something you can exaggerate and make look nice in the future.