Job decision to make

Hi I am facing a dilemma for my job hunting. I networked an opportunity in a local hedge fund with less than 10 bn AUM. Hiring PM called me back said they are going to make me an offer if I like to join. The position is an entry level analyst but require working night shift till 2am, since it focus on Asian market. I am not sure how long my energy can last for this schedule with a baby coming due in August. I am also concerned if the fund I worked didn’t grow as desired, I may need to look for another job sometime. If it does happen, how can I leverage this job (asian market) to get into US fund. Are there increasing demand for Asian market analyst in funds nowadays? Thanks for your input! Steve

I think you shouldnt be worried about Asia’s potential as Asia as a whole is an emerging market with rapidly developing capital markets. This means high demand for analysts. Many companies are gaining exposure to the asian capital markets to better diversify and/or obtain higher returns.

Steve, what are you doing now? If you don’t have a job right now and think you can get used to the lifestyle, go for it. The fund is a respectable size and if you like the people and the responsibilities, it’d be a good thing to gain work experience (especially if you’re unemployed right now). Ultimately, however, nobody can tell you what the best work-life balance is for you - you have to decide for yourself. But just remember that even if this job isn’t made for you, the fact that you work night shift means that you’ll be free to interview at other firms during the day!!

Hell, might be a wreck on your marriage or relationship, but I thought new babies sort of require a night shift for care. Could help your significant other get some sleep at least. That said, yeah being a night owl isn’t good for your health

Thanks guys, some of your answers make me laugh out :slight_smile: Yes, it would be easier for job interviews and night shift for baby care. Numi, yes, I have a job but trying to switch to investment job pending graduation of my PT MBA. It will be my first ever investment job if I make it. So seems I have no reason to refuse it. Scare me of what you know about the life style, even I know a bit. Don’t know why my contact keep saying that they are better than Sell-side equity research analysts on life style. 2X2: The size is less than 10 bn, in the lower side of single digit range. Are these funds have Asian(HK, AUS) eventually migrate the positions to HK base by hiring there or relocating US employee? How easy for me to move to NJ/NYC to find a similar job with this experience(either Asian or US market)? thanks for the help! Steve

a job as an analyst with a hedge fund is a dream job for a lot of people in our industry. having said that, only you can assess your situation well enough to know if this is going to be right for you long term, especially with your family situation about to change. personally though, i’d go for it…