Job hunting vs CFA Level 2 Exam

Hello, I’ve been a reader of these forums for some time and now I’m seeking some advice. I’m deciding between focusing on job hunting and preparing for my CFA Level 2 exam. Last August, I cleared my CFA Level 1 and I’m currently pursuing an MSc in Finance at a semi-target UK university. My experience is limited, with a summer internship at a small private credit fund.

Initially, I planned to concentrate on securing a job first and, once successful, to start preparing for my CFA Level 2 in August 2024. However, I’m reconsidering this strategy. The early registration deadline for the CFA Level 2 exam is January 26th, and I’m leaning towards registering and starting to study for it. I’m concerned about not finding a job, but I’m fortunate to have supportive parents who are willing to fund another master’s at a more prestigious institution if needed. While a second master’s isn’t my first choice, it seems like a viable option compared to being idle.

Given my options and my situation, I’m not sure if I should continue prioritising my job hunt or start studying for the CFA level 2 exam. I’d appreciate it if I could get any advice on this.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read this.

CFA 2 is a beast. Also, CFA 2, if you pass would be a huge feather in your cap in applying for a job. It says you are serious about the CFA and also, have the acumen and discipline to pass. I would strongly recommend CFA2. If I were hiring, as somebody who manages Treasury, there would be a very large leg up for CFA1 pass candidate vs. CFA2.

If you are really putting all the time and effort though into a CFA and Finance MS, there should be zero desire for another masters as you suggested.

Dedicate some time each day to job hunting. Begin your CFA Level 2 preparation gradually, focusing on key topics. Balance is key; don’t overwhelm yourself.