Job in ALM?

Hello everyone, i’m have a job proposition for asset liability management (ALM). Could you tell me if this job is acceptable by CFA Institute as a needed work experience for CFA designation??? Thx in advance for answers!

Hey mtolic… Is this with Scotia? Are you the new guy starting on Monday?

I’m quite sure that ALM experience will count towards the CFA. Quite a few people confirmed this when I posted it a couple of months ago.

I’m not sure but I would think so- it ultimately depends on the job duties. Kevin, I doubt it since he said “proposition.” He’s also just asking now if it will count towards experience, which leads me to believe he hasn’t accepted an offer.

Woops my bad. Yea I doubt he’s the “new” guy haha. TPain, I’m particularly involved in interest rate simulation/forecasting, and extensive GAP report analysis. I’m actually on the project side of the team, so we’re mostly involved with the development and streamlining of analytics etc. Still not 100% sure if this could qualify, but there are a couple of Senior Mgrs here who have their CFA and PRM.

Kev, This is the job I’m in the process of applying for. Can you give me some pointers for my second interview with the VP? The first interview was nothing but, “tell me your strengths, weaknesses, dreams, goals, etc” type questions. Is there anything you could inform me of that would impress the VP?

KJH, Honestly there is nothing extremely technical they could drill you on. I was quite tensed about interviewing with 2 of the directors in the project team, and then the VP, but it went by so smoothly. They just asked me general questions about my knowledge of GAP reports; purpose of GAP reports; interest-rate sensitive securities/derivatives (again these question were on a very high level), and my Excel skills. I just graduated, so I guess they could not really get extremely technical with their questions. I’m not sure if you are in the same position, but regardless, be confident and precise in your responses. Also, it would help to have some background knowledge (do some research) on the ALM system they use (if this was mentioned in the posting), as most of the modelling will most likely be done through that. We use Sunguard’s Bancware ALM 5. Finally, as always, make sure you have a solid set of questions to ask, towards the end of the interview. Btw is this position for any specific division within ALM? (i.e. Simulations, Funds Transfer Pricing, Forecasting, ALM Reporting) Good luck with the interview bro! I’m sure you can win them over. Edit: My interview had a lot of those questions as well. The typical behavioural questions that we all “love.”

Questions at the end I struggle with. I ask them as they arise, but I don’t know what good questions to ask are. I’m not really nervous, I just hope I get selected. Anxiety is how I would describe myself. By GAP reports do you mean GAAP? I have never heard of GAP? IPS-Sendero financial modeling is the software used. Not too familiar with it, but that should not be cause for not being selected. Interest rate scenario questions do not worry me. I have banking and brokerage experience so I know how rates effect various institutions and products. As long as I don’t trip and fall on my face on the way in I think I should do alright.

Typically at the end or along the process I ask questions like these: 1) Daily/typical challenges involved in the job 2) Short term goals/objectives for the team You might want to look up GAP reporting. These links might be of some use:

@kevin002 no i’m not the person you thought, just as others revealed :slight_smile: In fact, I’m not US resident , I’m from Europe hahaha Nevertheless thx for your answers, I hope that experience in ALM will count for my future CFA designation (I passed L1).

Thanks guys, this thread has been very useful to me in researching for the ALM position. I am most grateful to KJH, Kevin002 and Mtolic for starting the thread.