Job in Risk

I am currently working as a senir audit & advisory , dealing with Holding, Private Equity and Real Estate structures… I may have a job offer coming up in Risk Management (risk analyst), the description is: “to analyse, assess and evaluate market and operational risks information of Funds. As such you will have the opportunity to work,at a high level, with leading names in Europe” Do you guys think this is a good move or should I stay in audit for the time being and wait for a financial analyst position? In other words, will my CFA knowledge be useful working in Risk Management? In the job description they also mention that the person should be persuing either CFA, FRM or CAIA. I am currently a level 2 candidate. Thanks for your input!

I would take a job in risk management over a job in audit any day of the year. Risk management entails applying quantitative models and analyzing risk factors - I find this to be far more interesting than what I perceive audit people to do. Good luck, in any case.

I think it really depends on the culture at the firm. Risk departments tend to get marginalized. Quant methods are only one tool of risk management. It’s more important to be creative in figuring out what can go wrong and preparing for that.

Still, compared to audit…?

Hello Mister Walrus Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Still, compared to audit…? I agree with you.

go for it man…i am in this stupid audit/advisory crap and want to get of of it asap.

The title may be a little misleading, at first glance it sounded like your job was at risk……

^ I thought he was turning pro in the well-known board game Risk from the Parker Brothers. I guess a game of world domination isn’t as fulfilling as evaluating market and operational risks.

alright, thanks guys…good inputs from all especially HooYaa :slight_smile: Cheers