job interview: fixed income

hi guys i have a job interview for a position that involves fixed income portfolio management techniques and valuation models. a deep understanding of financial modeling and risk management techniques required. any ideas what topics i should be going over before the interview, i only have two days. any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

and its with a bank.

A bit confused… if it requires a deep understanding, shouldn’t you already know which topics to cover?

Lol, my thoughts exactly…

haha the above posters have a good point about ‘deep understanding’. suggest you review credit analysis and cash flow modelling. fixed income portfolio management techniques as well re: how does the firm you are interviewing for structure their portfolio. What kinda fixed income bets are they taking. what risks do they willingly expose themselves to. How do they hedge. Find a prospectus to learn as much as you can about their FI investment beliefs and investment techniques.

that’s easy. Just look through the three volume book by Paul Wilmott on Quantitative Finance.


You’re really speaking in generalities here… I suppose topics of interest will be relative value i/e how Firm A has historically traded vs. Firm B; Free Cash Flow modeling; ratings agency vs. market valuations i.e. a BBB name that trades in A territory; and spread volatility. Those would be the simplest forms of valuation and modeling that I assume you’d be asked however I have no idea what type of FI shop this is and what level position this is…