Job interview for a position i dont want anymore

hi guys just wondering if i could get some advice. i had applied for a job recently and now im no longer interested in this position. the hiring manager of the company i applied to has now emailed me to set up an interview. although im not interested anymore, its a good company and would be very useful to meet the hiring manager. do u think i should accept the interview, meet him and get to know him and then decline an offer if he gives me one? or should i just email him now and notify him that i am no longer interested but would like to keep in touch. thanks!

Doesn’t hurt to interview, maybe he will bump the compensation now that there is competition

thanks cfagoal! its not that ifound another job, its just that my boss mentioned i may get promoted next year and i figured why bother switching. but also its a small industry here and im concerned that maybe someone in my dept knows ppl in their dept and they would find out that im interviewing elsewhere. or is that not a big deal? thx

“my boss mentioned i may get promoted next year” You *may* get promoted. Anyway, I agree that it can’t hurt to interview. In fact, if your current company finds out, it could be good as it makes you seem more desirable.

Take the interview, see what they have to say! Hard to know whether you would turn down their offer without actually knowing what it is. If you are a valued member of your current team, it won’t hurt for your boss to find out. Good luck!

I recently went to an interview for a job I didnt want. For me it was about the practice and seeing whether I could market myself if I needed to. I had been out of practice for at least 5 years. Based on what you have said, I would say in your situation don’t go. You are already conflicted. You could damage your reputation if you don’t represent yourself well to the competitor - a real possibility given that you don’t actually want the job. News could spread and you may find that negatively affects your career if you have shown disloyalty. Your boss will think of contingency plans if you were to leave, which clearly they would as you have given intention. You would be marked down for compensation and promotion. Why would your boss give you a bonus/promotion if you were at risk of leaving? With all due respect to DonDraper’s advice on this point, I would have to disagree with him - I suspect he hasn’t been working that long. I’ve been around the block and told two bosses (one a CEO) that I wanted to switch jobs - both for internal. And the reaction was the same. Not good. The CEO asked me to reconsider (I was working directly for him, I wanted to move into a newly acquired part of the business that did stuff I was interested in). He literally blanked me for the rest of the time he was CEO. That felt not good even though I made the most of my new opportunity. Let me repeat this for you: If your boss finds out, it will be a career limiting move. Forget the promotion. Don’t forget to consider an interview can be draining. Depending on the firm/position, you have to take the time off, avoid your colleagues, brush up on your cv, your interview questions, research their company, brush your teeth etc. Then you may have a series of interviews, beginning with the first contact, HR, senior manager, CEO. As you say, they all know someone at your place. The risk is high for you. When I interviewed, I went to a non-competitor in a different country. That’s not factoring in that you will likely face a grilling with the actual questions.

Mudda makes good points, his thoughts and actual experiences are worth considering. It all comes down to this: If the other firm makes you a great offer, would you take it? If no, then tread lightly. My impression was that you would leave for a great opportunity, but I could have misinterpreted. Best of luck in your decision!

if you already know you dont want it – and there is nothing that might change your mind – dont waste their time and dont waste your time. Also – you are taking a slot that could be taken by someone who WANTS/NEEDS the job. just my 2c

Another thing to consider is that you might change your mind about not wanting the job after you interview there. Don’t forget that interviews are opportunities for firms to sell themselves to prospective employees.

Go and have a conversation. Remember that an interview isn’t just jumping through hoops to beg for a position (though it usually feels like it in this economy). It’s also about meeting people and developing professional relationships. You are in a position to be interviewing them as much as they are in a position to interview you. Even if you decide not to take the position, it can’t hurt to have a conversation, meet people, etc… In fact, your current employer might even benefit from your having a stronger network.

thanks a lot for the advice guys, appreciate it! i actually ended up accepting the interview invite late last night before reading some of the advice here. but its not till next week so i guess i could back out closer to but that wouldnt look good. also there are two rounds so i guess i could always just meet the hiring amnager and then decline after rouond 1 if hes still interested. i guess theres a small chance if im really interested in the job id consider it but i think most likely 99% chance i wouldnt be interested to make a move now.

you can also frame the “interview” to be more of an “introduction”, and make it clear that you’re not looking to move at the moment. this would put you on the same ground as the suitor company and also mitigate any potential risks if your talk gets back to your current employer.

thanks justin88! but hwo would i go about that? im thinking if i let him know beforehand that im not really looking to move at the moment, he wouldnt want to meet me. and if i let him know at the interview, he might not take it well that i wasted his time.

def need to let him know beforehand. explain your situation (politely). don’t close the door on an actual job change, but stress your interest in meeting and speaking with him to learn about the firm. it may not work but at least it CYA, and no matter the outcome you don’t make enemies.

What, you’r never charming to ugly girls just for the fun of it ?

You can’t say you’re not really interested if you applied for the job can you…?

Treat them with the respect you would want if you were on the other side. It’s a small world, and someday, you might want a job with this company or with some of the people who might be interviewing you. And, scr#w that implied promise to promote you at your current job. seriously, i have heard that so many times over my career and it NEVER happens. Go on the interview, take it seriously, and you never know what opportunities might be out there until you are offered them. I do understand the risk of your current employers finding out, but if you have skills that are in demand and are good at your job, your company should not be surprised that others find your skills attractive and would be interested in exploring opportunities. I interview whenever I can, and always get something out of it even if it’s just new information, interviews are a great place to learn!

Going on interviews is good practice however, it is very mentally/physically draining. It’s tough to go thru all that work, sneaking around, taking a day off from work, lying to everyone about what u did where you’re going and u have no intentions on even taking the position. However, it is good to see what you’re worth. Might change your whole prospective on your current job. Obviously you have to weigh these things out and come up with your own conclusion.