job interview: "why are you looking for other positions"

in a job interview, whats a good answer to the “why are you looking for other positions” question? im assuming ur looking for other jobs in the same field as ur current one. do you always have to say that u want more challenging work? what if u say u like ur current role a lot but u want to take on more responsibility/be in a positino of more authority? would that be a good answer, or would that make the interviewer think u may not stay with them long? thanks!

In a recent thread on interview answers, numi (or one of the regulars) highlighted a key point that applies to this as well as most other questions. The point was that you should answer these questions with “a benefit for me/benefit for you” mentality. This struck a chord with me as it’s easy to reel off the traditional answers of i need a challenge (benefit for me), need more responsibility (benefit for me) etc but a key to successful interviewing is showing your prospective employer that you provide a key quality/characteristic that they require. I’m not saying that using the line “I need a new challenge” is bad but how something like "i want to build upon skill (x) and skill (y) to do more of (z) - with z being an area of responsibility for the new role/a priority for your prospective employer. JT

The truth usually works too. Why are you looking for a new position? Be honest, just frame it in such a way as to make you look awesome.

I agree with JTMarlin. As he mentioned, a similar discussion took place on a thread two weeks ago where I and others also posted. You should check it out:,1127221,1127472

thanks guys