Job Market in Calgary

Hey all, I’m giving my one month notice of leave after I write level II and am moving to Calgary - or Vancouver - to try and get a better position… my current role is in middle/back office just doing trades,cash and position reconciliations for a hedge fund administrator… I have a master of finance degree which is essentially useless and not valued at all at my company, and am hoping (especially after level II results) that I could get a half decent job in Calgary… My dream spot is Vancouver, but it seems Calgary has MUCH MORE OPPORTUNITIES to obtain relevant CFA experience…I’m not entirely sure what type of work I’m looking for so I’d be happy with anything related to investment or asset management AT ALL…my current job is driving me crazy, and all is just accounting and following procedures… Anyway, just wondering if anybody in here has any opinions about the job market in Calgary versus Vancouver LATELY…the tax rates are drawing me to calgary too lol from what i’ve read, Vancouver is very limited in jobs related to finance compared to Calgary, so it seems if I want to get started with a career that Calgary is the right choice…I’m still very young - not quite 25 - so experience is lacking but I make up for it hopefully with my education and am willing to accept an entry level position any any advice is appreciated, thanks