Job Market

I am currently in a corporate finance role doing capital budgeting/forecasting. I am not at all satisfied with the job and would like to move into fixed income or equity research. The only thing that has stopped me from looking for a new job is the current state of the economy. With so many people unemployed who have more relevant experience than me, I am assuming it is hopeless for the next couple of years. Should I just stick it out in my current job? I know I will get a lot of sarcastic responses asking a question about the current job market, but I appreciate any serious answers.

Well, I’d say stick it out, but look for tasks that might link as much to analyzing the value of your own company’s stock as possible. You can still look for other jobs, but do it discreetly, and if you find something you want to jump to, be extra careful on the due diligence of whether your new employer is likely to survive or not.