job markets in SF/LA

Can anyone shed some light on the current job market in SF/LA? Just finished writing L3 and will now have to make a decision on whether I will have to move from SF to LA. Given the tough market out there, I think I should indeed be looking in both places. Granted, there are now more positions available compared to the end of last year, by which I meant when I punch in the zip code, I won’t see zero result. So anyone has any inputs on these markets? Thanks!

I think you should aim for whichever of these cities will be the new capital of the Republic of California.

I would pick the Bay Area over LA. Tons of VC firms in Silicon Valley and quite a bit of FS work in SF.

very true that I am looking at more openings in the bay area, but I might need to run to LA although obviously job markets there doesn’t provide as much CFA-related positions… god…I need to jump ship asap…

haha… where are you at you need to jump ship?

Charlie Munger is based in LA. I’d go there.

Fxguy – i am in SF and would like to land a gig that i am truly happy with. Where you at (I am new to the forum)?