Job Offer - 24 hours

Hi all, Can anyone tell me if there’s a rule of thumb for what a reasonable amount of time to consider a job offer is? I’ve been given 24 hours and I’d like to push for a little more time without creating bad blood - any ideas?

say you’re considering other offers, would it be possible to get until Monday or Friday - say you are weighing options with your family.

24 hours is really unreasonable. two weeks is the norm. it"s a big decision, don’t rush it.

my current job … was offered to another girl before me when she got the offer, she asked for 24h to think about it my director is so uptight and too proud of the freaken firm so she started arguing she ought to accept the offer right away, everybody wants this kind of job candidate stood her ground, fight over the phone ensued, candidate finally told the director to GFY and then I applied funny how the world works sometimes eh? wonder what the candidate is up to now

I asked for like 2 to 3 days. I use the excuse “would it be okay if my Lawyer reviewed this before I sign or decline”? It works. With that said, do you really want to be taking chances given the weak job environment for financial services professionals? Willy

dude, you are def entitled to more than 24 hrs. Say you need to weigh all your options and look at the whole picture from above, etc. They will understand. if they bitch, maybe you dont want to work there after all. if you have kids and a wife, you DEF should get the weekend to “chew on everything and get back to you ASAP on Monday by the open.” congrats by the way

It tells a lot about their culture and the worklife if you work for them…